For over 100 years, the Tomich Family built a legacy in Orangevale with their amazing fresh fruit and passion for the community. In 2017, the family sadly announced plans to discontinue the orchard operations and the property would be sold.

Orangevale is a small rural community of Sacramento, CA with a lot of heart. It’s rural roots and agricultural history are things that current residents are proud of, and want to see preserved for future generations. This orchard is part of the fabric of our town’s identity and history.

A year after the family announced plans to shutdown the orchard, a small group from our community came together in 2018 to purchase the 10 acre property with the intention of keeping its legacy alive. At the Orangevale Fruit Co., it is our hope to take what has been built over the past 100 years, and grow even deeper community roots and a bigger purpose for the Orangevale orchard. In some respects, our town was built around orchards like ours. We feel an immense obligation to our community and to the Tomich family to preserve this special part of Orangevale’s story.

Starting in 2019, we are excited to begin offering again the same great fruit that our neighbors have enjoyed for many years!

An Important Update from OV Fruit Co.

Orchard Photos