A Healthy Way to Fundraise!

It is our goal for the Prosper Orchard at the Orangevale Fruit Co. to be a community-benefit orchard. We experience an abundance of amazing fresh fruit every summer, and we love to share this unique place. We have created an opportunity for local youth clubs and service groups to enjoy an experience in the orchard while raising hundreds or thousands of dollars for their club.

Ready to Schedule a Fundraiser?

Reserve a spot for a 2019 orchard harvest fundraiser between July and October. Its super simple! Once you have a harvest date reserved, your club or service group can begin pre-selling fresh fruit to friends & neighbors. Then bring your club, team or group out for a special experience harvesting fruit from a 10 acre historic orchard nestled in the Orangevale community. Your group keeps 50% of the proceeds from the sales. It’s a great, healthy way to raise funds – and its super fun for the whole family!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?
We are looking for local area youth sports teams, clubs, church youth groups, and service groups who are interested in raising money for their organization. Any group from the Sacramento region may participate.
How much does the fruit cost?

All fruit is sold at $4.00 per pound and 50% of this is donated to your group. Bring cash or check on your harvest date for 50% of the collected amount.
Do you have any resources available to help our fundraiser?
Groups can use our Orchard Harvest Fundraiser kit which includes a few logo graphics & images, and printable forms for your group to use in gathering pre-sales. We are also glad to share your social media promotion through our Orangevale Fruit Co. Facebook & Instagram.
What types of fruit are available?
Our orchard has about 2,000 trees on 10 acres. We have 50+ varieties of yellow peaches, white peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums, persimmons, apples, and many more. Availability of each type of fruit is very much dependent upon the season. When you pre-sell fruit, it’s best to offer a mix & match variety. Special requests are okay, but its best not to guarantee anything but a mixture of these types of fruit.
How many pounds do most teams sell?

At any point during the summer, there is typically thousands of harvestable fruit ready for picking. A couple hundred pounds is a good fundraiser and can make it quite worthwhile for the group.
How much time does it take to do a harvest?

We like to take our time and enjoy the experience of hanging out in an orchard. It’s quite amazing. Most groups can harvest a couple hundred pounds of fruit in 2 hours.
How many people can we bring to the orchard?

We recommend groups anywhere from 5-30, but this is dependent upon how fruit our group sells and needs to harvest.

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