Preserving a legacy in Orangevale

For the orchard located at 6702 Filbert Ave, we chose the name “Prosper Orchard”. We believe that a community with a vibrant and unique identity will prosper. We believe that our agricultural roots that are unique to Orangevale are part of our identity.

In 1911, Prosper Tomich and his wife Eleanor planted an orchard with the hopes of providing Orangevale residents with amazing fresh fruit. Over 100 years later, we hope to continue Prosper’s legacy of community and cultivation.

Our vision for Prosper Orchard and the Orangevale Fruit Co. is to reinvest into the clubs and organizations in our town through special community events and fundraisers. We desire to create on-farm education experiences and u-pick harvest events for the whole family. We believe that Orangevale will prosper with more healthy, vibrant community activities that bring together families and neighbors.